With your select group of family and friends, get to know Cozumel on a private 5-hour shore excursion. In addition to learning about the island’s history, you’ll see how people and local industries there operate today. Visit the San Gervasio Mayan ruins or an artisanal craft factory, as well as a chocolate factory, and enjoy...


Sail the shimmering sea on a glass-bottom boat and snorkel at specular reefs off the coast of Cozumel on this half-day guided tour of the National Marine Park. At El Cielo, named after heaven itself, marvel at the sea stars that decorate the sandy ocean floor. Float beside sea turtles at Colombia Reef then plunge...


Thanks to a glass boat, this Cozumel snorkeling trip is the perfect choice for travelers in groups with a mixed interest in snorkeling. Though you head out to three spectacular snorkeling locations known for their active reefs, you can also choose to relax and enjoy looking at the tropical fish, starfish, and more from on...


Cozumel Taxi Tour

$295 per person
5 hours

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