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Enjoy your Cozumel Vacation in a tropical climate with easy accessibility to the reefs, constant water clarity and comfortable water temperatures ranging from 77° to 82° F. Perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling - divers can dive year-round. And the many reefs offer dives suitable for all skill levels, ranging from beginning dives to explore reefs in the shallows just offshore to advanced dives through underwater caverns right to edge of the continental shelf.

Cozumel Getaways is a convenient hacienda, offering both first-class villas and homes with all of the comforts and special touches that let you feel right at home in your own private, deluxe accommodations. Just bring your personal belongings and a desire to relax and have fun, we will take care of the rest! Each of our vacation rentals and homes are furnished in authentic Mexican décor, bringing the beauty and splendor of Cozumel, Mexico right into your home. Linens and bath towels are provided along with cooking and eating utensils and purified bottled water. A coffee maker, blender and other small appliances are provided for your convenience. Daily maid and maintenance service allows you to experience a carefree, relaxing vacation and stands our Mexico vacation homes above the rest.


Mr. Howard E.  “Sam” Ogletree moved to Cozumel after retiring from Southwestern Bell Telephone Company with 41 years of service.  He learned to scuba dive, earned his diving certificate in 1984 and became a master diver in 1985.  Scuba diving vacations became his passion along with the friendships he created among the locals on the island.  Tired of “living” in Cozumel Mexico hotels while he was in Cozumel on dive trips, he built the first Cozumel vacation villa in a residential area of town and named it, appropriately, “Casa Ogletree”.  It was his personal home that he shared with his wife, Wilma and their children.  He secured the property next door to the Casa Ogletree, remodeled it, and called it the “Casa Sheridan” after his oldest grandchild.  He built five suites, behind the Casa Ogletree Villa and named them the Jordan Suites, after his youngest grandchild at the time. From this, Cozumel Getaways and rentals was born.


Sam lived on site from 1991 until his death in 2002.  He personally welcomed his guests, introduced them to the island, and wanted them to love staying at the properties as much as he did.  Since his death, his wife continues to welcome guests to the property.


Cozumel Getaways and villa rentals has a beautiful family history that created a wonderful escape for visitors worldwide. Come enjoy one of our Cozumel Vacation rentals and we promise you will love the Island of Cozumel as much as we do! We will do our best to answer any questions about your stay in Cozumel and will strive to provide you and your party with the best accommodations and service possible.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Don’t just book a vacation…book an experience with us at Cozumel Getaways and Mexico vacation rentals!



Cozumel Vacation Rental "Casa Ogletree"

Beautiful Two-story Vacation Villa sleeps up to 10. Click for More >>

Cozumel Vacation Rental "Casa Sheridan"

Perfect family rental home away from home sleeps up to 6. Click for More >>

Cozumel Vacation Rental "Jordan Suites"

For couples or smaller families sleeps up to 4. Click for More >>


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